Everything You Need To Know About The SAPS Trainee Program.

Everything You Need To Know About The SAPS Trainee Program

Have you always dreamed of being a police officer? Or protecting and serving the state? If that’s the case, here is all you need to know about police training in South Africa!

Police officials are employed according to the South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act No 68 of 1995). You will have to collect an application form from your nearest SAPS office. 

The following requirements have to be met:

  • You must have Grade 12 or Matric Certificate
  • You have to be  fluent in English as well as another official language
  • You must hold no criminal record
  • Be between the age of 18-30 (documentation has to be provided to prove this
  • Must undergo a psychometric and physical assessment and deemed fit for the post they applied for
  • Have permanent residency in South Africa
  • Have no visible tattoos
  • Be willing to serve anywhere in South Africa 
  • Be willing to go through a background checked 
  • Go to training declared by the National Commissioner of SAPS
  • Have to take an oath that all the information provided is correct in your application

Applications faxed or electronically submitted will be dismissed. Forms that contain missing information, like certified documents or signatures will be discarded.

Candidates are required to hand-deliver the complicated application form including the required certified documentation to the same SAPS office that they collected their application form from.  You will have to successfully pass the medical, psychometric and physical fitness assessment in order to be accepted into the police trainee program.

The trainee program is 24 months on probation. It is compulsory for all SAPS recruits to do the Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP). The first twelve months of training will be done at the academy and the other 12 months will be at the workplace. 

During this time, trainees will go through the academy for 12 months and spend the other 12 months at their workplace. Once the training is completed after the twenty four months, all trainees will now be qualified to work for SAPS.

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