SASSA grants: January 2023 payment dates

SASSA has released the January 2023 payment dates for social grants. Here’s when you can collect your grant.

Good news! The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released the social grants payment dates for January 2023.

As previously reported, earlier this year SASSA said it heard beneficiaries’ complaints about the previous payment schedule and decided to make a change.

SASSA said if the second day of the month falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment will take place on the following work day. Older person and the associated grants are paid first followed by disability grants and child grants.

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Older persons – Tuesday, 3 January

Disability grants – Wednesday, 4 January

Children’s grants – Thursday, 5 January

SASSA January payment dates
SASSA has confirmed the payment dates for January 2023.

Meanwhile, Postbank has advised all SASSA grant beneficiaries that ATM withdrawals using the gold cards have been suspended for December only. 

This comes as a number of beneficiaries (old age, disabled and children) could not access their grants on the specified payment dates for both November and December. 

In a statement, Postbank said it has been experiencing a number of technical glitches that disrupted the smooth withdrawal of social grants. It added that an investigation has uncovered a series of network attacks by criminal elements determined to commit systematic ATM card fraud related crimes on Postbank payments using sophisticated modus operandi. 

“As a mitigating exercise, and in consultation with our partners following the resurgence of these criminal activities at the inception of the December payments, it has become necessary that Postbank suspends SASSA grants withdrawal at ATMs for those clients using the Postbank issued SASS gold cards,” the state owned bank said.

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